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Thermoplastic Ether Ester Elastomer

  • TPEE
  • TPC-ET
  • Blow Molding

TRIEL, a thermoplastic polyester elastomer, offers excellent chemical resistance, heat resistance,
weather resistance, and good low temp flexibility.


  • Excellent Chemical Resistance

  • Heat Resistance

  • Weather Resistance

  • Good Low-temperature Flexibility



Chemical Structure

TPC-ET is a block copolymer composed of PBT hard segment and aliphatic ether ester soft segment.
Having the same chemical structure as PBT, the hard segments is also known as PBT-Elastomer. PBT hard segment, a crystalline polymer,
affects physical properties by forming crystalline in a polymer and produces mechanical strength like an engineering polymer.
PTMG(Poly tetramethylene glycol) is used for aliphatic ether ester soft segment which gives flexible characteristics of rubber.

Shore A, D Conversion

TPC-ET is mainly composed of PBT. The higher the content of soft segment is, the lower TRIEL®’s hardness becomes.
TRIEL’s lowest possible hardness is approximately 23D(82A). Shore D is used for hardness and refer to the below image for conversion Shore D to Shore A.

TRIEL Base resin : Melt Viscosity vs Temperature

TRIEL’s rheological properties portray behaviors similar to that of engineering plastics. Melt temperature, crystallization temp, approximate processing temperature at each grade are as shown below. Changes in melt viscosity by processing method and sheer force resemble crystalline polymer. Melt viscosity versus temperature figure is as shown below.

Halogen free flame retardant TRIEL

When TPC-ET is applied to automotive & electronic cables, fiber, and films, halogen-free flame retardant characteristics are often requested.
TRIEL can meet your needs. Halogen-free flame retardant TPC-ET is generally limited in various applications due to degradation in tensile strength and tensile strain. However, Samyang’s TRIEL minimized these shortcomings.


Grade Materials Characteristics Applications Datasheet
TRIEL SB5802A TPEE Injection Molding,Low Hardness Parts Accessary 파일
TRIEL PZ5451SP TPEE Injection Molding Industrial 파일
TRIEL PZ5063SP TPEE Injection Molding Packaging 파일
TRIEL HV5401BH TPEE Blow Molding,Medium Hardness Automotive Interior 파일
TRIEL AS5401BM TPEE Blow Molding,Medium Hardness Automotive Interior 파일
TRIEL 5722SPU TPEE Injection Molding,UV Industrial 파일 파일
TRIEL 5722EM TPEE Injection Molding Chandlery 파일
TRIEL 5721EF TPEE Radiation Chandlery 파일
TRIEL 5720 TPEE Injection Molding Chandlery 파일
TRIEL 5652EM TPEE Injection Molding Chandlery 파일