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We are committed to developing new materials
to meet the diverse needs of its customers.

Emotional Materials

Emotional materials perfectly satisfy both color and texture.
They are used in cars, premium home appliances, and speakers, etc.

Chemical Resistant Materials

Chemical resistant materials are plastics that are safe from chemicals.
You can use the product in harsh environments without additional protection,
such as surface treatment, painting, etc.

Laser welding Materials

The main materials of laser welding are PC, PBT, and PA.
It has features such as small deformation after welding, clean finish,
excellent welding quality, flexibility, and minimal heat impact areas.

Eco-friendly Materials

Non-halogen flame retardant materials are non-toxic.
PCM materials using recycled materials can reduce CO2 and waste.
It's an environmentally friendly material.

Printing Materials

This is a PC material for filament available on entry-level, large FDM 3D printers.
Our materials exhibit excellent mechanical, thermal properties.