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Chemical Resistant MaterialsAutomotive Buttons

  • PC
  • Automotive

Samyang’s TRIREX has applied its Siloxane co-polymer for it to be highly resistant to chemicals such as paint materials and fragrances in automobiles. It is highly recommended for interior switches. In addition, due to its high transmittance and optical acidity, TRIREX is applied to premium vehicles for its constant transmittance according to the incident angle of light.


  • Good surface finish

  • Good processing

  • Weatherability

  • Chemical resistance

  • Good light diffusion

  • Good transmittance

  • Heat resistance

  • UV resistance

UV resistance

As you can see in the graph, Samyang Company AM BU car button material maintains the DE value below 2 at the light volume value of 126MJ/m2.

Chemical resistance

Light diffusion




Grade Materials Characteristics Applications Datasheet
TRIREX SO1-3025LD PC Unreinforced,Flame Retardance (V2),Weather Resistance,Diffusion Automotive Interior,Automotive Exterior 파일 파일
TRIREX 3025U PC Unreinforced,Weather Resistance Automotive Exterior 파일 파일