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Samyang Group Holds Digital Meeting and Commits to Vision 2025


- Responding to uncertainty by reorganizing key businesses and improved execution with business directions for the second half

- Highlighting the importance of executing Vision 2025 to “emerge as a global specialty solution company”

- Calling for “focus on health and wellness, and accelerating eco-friendly efforts”

▲ Chairman Kim of Samyang Group encouraged employees to overcome the pandemic and achieve Vision 2025 in a video message. "Commitment of all employees as a driving force to achieve goals"

Samyang Group (Chairman: Kim Yoon) has committed to overcoming the pandemic and achieving its Vision 2025 in a digital meeting.

Samyang Group announced on August 2 that it held the 2021 Group Meeting online on the same day. Chairman Kim routinely shares with employees the company’s key performance and business directions through new year’s kick-off and other meetings. Chairman Kim actively communicated with employees online since the advent of COVID-19 and social distancing.

In a video message, Chairman Kim said, “We should reorganize our key businesses and focus on improving execution to respond to the new normal where uncertainty is increasing.” He also presented three business directions to respond to the current pandemic and promote mid- and long-term growth by improving execution for Vision 2025, continuing with digital transformation, and stabilizing a new HR system.

Vision 2025 is the mid- and long-term growth strategy of Samyang Group. Its goals are to focus on promoting the health and wellness business, discovering new opportunities in the eco-friendly and advanced materials businesses, and emerging as a global specialty (highly functional) solution company. It mainly aims for qualitative growth by advancing the company’s business structure, such as operating more than 30% of its assets in the global market and creating more than 60% of its earnings from specialty products by 2025.

Chairman Kim said, “To improve execution for Vision 2025, we should strengthen our specialty business, accelerate our global efforts, utilize open innovation, and discover convergent businesses. To reinforce specialty, we will focus on health and wellness by expanding the business scale of nutrition, medical and personal care, while accelerating our eco-friendly efforts by successfully commercializing the biodegradable plastic material isosorbide and solidifying the recycling business.”

Chairman Kim also called for promoting digital transformation and stabilizing a new HR system. Since last year, Samyang Group pushed for ERP restructuring and robot process automation (RPA) to establish the digital system and change the way employees work. In addition, Samyang Group also overhauled its HR system to build capacity for employees and respond to an extremely elevated external uncertainty. With the introduction of the new HR system, Samyang Group is creating an environment where the company and its members grow together and voluntarily dedicate themselves to delivering outcomes.

Finally, Chairman Kim ended the meeting, saying “Vision 2025 can be achieved only when the company and our employees grow together. Let’s overcome the crisis and build the base for growth based on our consensus about goals.”