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Case Study

Samyang AM BU is conducting research and development of cutting-edge new materials through
synthesis and processing research of engineering plastics such as PC, PBT, and PET.

Si-PC material for Automotive interior

Case Study No.10 2021.04.26

Development History

Polycarbonate (PC) is a material with excellent mechanical properties and transparency, and is widely used in the electronics, optics and

automotive industries. Among them, PCs used for automobile interior materials require high mechanical properties for the safety of passengers,

and as the design trend of automotive interior materials changes from simple line lighting to cotton lighting, high transparency must be

secured. Due to this need, the need for Siloxan-PC (Si-PC) having various properties is increasing. Si-PC secures impact resistance up to -60℃

and has excellent transparency, flame retardancy, and chemical resistance.



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